5 Reasons Gift Cards are Better than Gifts

Colorado Springs, CO

IT'S HOLIDAY TIME AGAIN, and you might be looking over your holiday gift list and sighing because, well, does Aunt Cynthia really need another blanket? And you know Kaiden loves cars, but he already has so many. And everyone else is probably getting him one, so he’ll have even more. Holidays can definitely feel like a chore sometimes, especially when you feel like you can’t give the people around you something meaningful because you lack time, resources, or even enough knowledge about their hobbies to get them the right thing. It can also feel like you are giving out of obligation if you are picking from a list, or just buying exactly what they asked for instead of really putting thought into the gift.

So are gift cards really better? Like any other gift, they have their ups and downs, but here are our five reasons why you should buy gift cards for holiday gifts:

ONE | You don’t need to worry about whether you are buying the right thing.

You know they like being creative, so why not let them be creative picking out their gift?

TWO | You can give a gift card as an experience.

If you buy a gift card to Brush Crazy or to their favorite restaurant, you can say “This is so we can go together, and you don’t have to worry about paying!” That way, the gift is actually time together, and with the world the way it is, that is one of the most meaningful things you can give someone these days. (As an added bonus, if you come to Brush Crazy, they will have a piece of art by which to remember your time together forever!)

THREE | You don’t have to worry about repeat gifts.

Skip the possibility of getting your niece 6 of the same baby yoda figurines! The little girl that loves Mandelorian can paint her own art how she likes it, and have a unique piece to take home.

FOUR | Gift cards can create a sense of empowerment.

Instead of buying Dad yet another tie (and he doesn’t really wear the others…) he feels like he can get exactly what he needs without having to ask for specifics.

FIVE | Gift cards outlast themselves.

After they are used, they aren’t gone, like that toy that you bought your nephew that he used and broke on Christmas Day last year. Gift cards that are for experiences allow for the gift of memory, which outlasts physical things in a profound way. Memories are heirlooms that we pass on to our children, stories we tell to friends, and they are treasures we keep close to us no matter what else happens. 

So this year, consider buying gift cards. They are worth the memories and the joy that you can give, and they are a wonderful way to give the gift of time with one another.

(****ADDED BONUS!!!! — From December 17th-24th, Brush Crazy will be giving customers who purchase gift cards 10% of the card amount back as Crazy Cash! So you get even more for your buck!****)

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