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5 Reasons Gift Cards are Better than Gifts

Colorado Springs, CO

IT'S HOLIDAY TIME AGAIN, and you might be looking over your holiday gift list and sighing because, well, does Aunt Cynthia really need another blanket? And you know Kaiden loves cars, but he already has so many. And everyone else is probably getting him one, so he’ll have even more. Holidays ca…

Personalize your Project

Columbus, OH
Cookie Recipe

You can be inspired by our examples, and personalize to fit your needs. Look at what these customers did with clay and ceramics! The truth is that your imagination is the limit! One brilliant customer put the family cookie recipe right on the plate! This is perfect for Mother’s Day and Father&

10 Canvases become 1 Picture!

Columbus, OH

This medical office wanted to have a project to hang in their space. We created a template where each person did a canvas that fit with all the others.

They will be able to look at the completed project every day and know they created it together.  

Look what they accomplished! 

Paint Your Pet

Columbus, OH
Chinchilla Pet Parents

Do you love your pet so much you want to have their likeness hanging on your wall?  We all do! We can help you make that happen. We have artists who are skilled at sketching your pet from one of your personal pictures. You choose the size canvas and we get it ready. Once you get to the studio f…

Do you have a Brush Crazy Account?

Columbus, OH
Brush Crazy Logo

It is not required to have a customer account to paint at Brush Crazy, but there are so many advantages if you decide to create one! 

It is free to sign up, and it never expires. To begin with, you get 25 points just to sign up! You get 20 points to like us on Facebook, and 20 points every time yo…